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Eclipse Ozonators
DEL systems simplify sanitation for owners of spa and pools, while ensuring effective health and safety for their families. The greatly improved spa or pool water is a terrific bonus!

 Eclipse Ozonators

Suits in-ground pools as primary or secondary sanitation depending on pool size. May be installed during construction or after installation integrated into other pool equipment.

Features & Benefits
1, 2 or 4 glass and stainless steel ozone cells with ceramic tube ozone generators and integrated power supplies; delivers dissolved ozone through main circulation system.
Wall mounted
CD engineering eliminates need for air dryer
Generates .25 to 1 gram/hour ozone, with ozone concentration ranging from 450 to 1350 ppm at standard rated airflow
Integrated LED operation indicators and flow meter
Airflow management via adjustable Mazzei venturi injector
Operates under vacuum for effectiveness and safety
Mixing Degas Vessel available

Eclipse 1 - Up to 30,000 litres
Eclipse 2 - Up to 60,000 litres
Eclipse 4 - Up to 100,000 litres


Code Description
504001 Eclipse 1 Ozonator
504002 Eclipse 2 Ozonator
504004 Eclipse 4 Ozonator


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