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EMV Vinyl Liner
Boasts a powerful light output from a compact package whilst incorporating state of the art Pulsewave Technology & Duowave heatsink.
The new ‘CLICK-FIT' action will allow for even simpler installation.

Available in Multicolour, Blue and White.

 EMV Vinyl Liner

EM Series vision is to provide an advanced L.E.D. lighting system for all pool types. Its slim compact design and powerful output is set to revolutionize the way we think about pool lighting. The standout feature of the EM Series is its compact design. The ability to produce a reliable, high intensity output from such a small unit has, until now, been very difficult. For this reason, small has always been associated with low output or poor reliability however with Spa Electrics patented DuoSink® & PulseWave® cooling technologies, low output from a small light is a thing of the past. The combination of these breakthrough technologies also allows for more flexibility in where the EM Series light can be mounted. Thanks to DuoSink® the EM series light can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, meaning areas which once were difficult to light like swim outs, steps and ledges can now be easily illuminated.

Features & Benefits

Recessed design for minimal projection into pool, resulting in the light protruding only 34mm from the wall for vinyl installation
Pool cleaner friendly
Compact diameter 130mm for vinyl
Latest design combined with our DuoSink® & PulseWave technology
L.E.D. life of approximately 70,000 hours
Kind to the environment, operates on 80% less energy than a normal 100watt halogen light
Unique electrical connection so power cable does not enter into light cavity eliminating possible sources of water entry
Slotted rim allows water to flow behind the light to eliminate stagnate water and also aids in cooling
Designed and manufactured in Australia
State of the art control system using DuoSink® &PulseWave technology
Detachable plug for ease of servicing
Correct installation of the light guarantees an even pressure protecting your fibreglass shell
Built in self-diagnostics
No fixing screws
A unique bayonet locking system
Ceramic Light Engine available in blue, white and multi-colour
No globe changing required for the Ceramic Light Engine series


Product Brochure.

Technical Manual.


Code Description
603010 Light EM Multi Vinyl LED
603011 Light EM Blue Vinyl LED
603012 Light EM White Vinyl LED


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