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Completely odourless, tasteless and undetectable by pool users, Heatsavr ia a fast and easy alternative to pool covers.


Unlike conventional pool covers, which have to be removed every time you use your pool, and put back on every evening, HeatSavr keeps your pool ready to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.This unique liquid forms a barrier on the surface of the pool, preventing heat loss and evaporation, while you save on energy costs.

With rising energy costs as well as increasing awareness towards environmental awareness people are looking for ways to save on swimming pool heating costs, chemical consumption and ways to reduce water evaporation from their pools as the seasons change.

The most common way to reduce water evaporation is by using a pool blanket. Through covering up your pool it reduces the amount of heat escaping. But why would you want to cover up your backyard feature when it is not in use and then have to take the cover off every time you want to use the pool.

The solution is easy. With the new HeatSavr options you won’t need to cover your pool up and still be able to stop your water evaporating. Heat Saver is a liquid solar pool cover that greatly reduces heat loss and evaporation from your exposed pool surface. It is made from simple biodegradable ingredients that form a barrier on the waters service to reduce the heat and water loss that causes high pool room humidity and high facility heating bills. By slowing the evaporation process you will reduce your heating costs, chemical costs and water costs.


"Our pool is heated by gas and our gas bill went down 34% the first year we used Heatsavr. This savings was based on total dollars, not gallons, so the real savings was greater than that because the cost of gas went up."

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Heatsavr  4L
503410 Heatsavr Automatic Doser


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