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inSPAration Spa Fragrance Bottles
12 pack counter display pack of fragrance bottles for your spa and hot tub.

 inSPAration Spa Fragrance Bottles

There are 24 exotic fragrances in this popular range. Each display pack contains 12 different fragrances in dispenser bottles.

There are two fragrance configurations for the inSPAration Spa Fragrance Bottle pack, Type A and Type B.

Type A includes; Romance, Coconut Mango, Eucalyptus Mint, Lavender, Cherry Blossom, Jasmine, Vanilla Twist, Tranquillity, Joy, Pomegranate, Passion and Spaberry.

Type B includes; Coconut Lime Verbena, Tahitian, Cucumber Melon, Peach, April Showers, Gardenia, Musk Magic, Polynesian Paradise, Heavenly Honeysuckle, Rain, Hawaiian Sunset and Tropical Island.  

inSPAration Spa Fragrance Bottles are only available in 12 pack displays.
Fragrances in each configuration are predetermined and unable to be changed.


Code Description
AFE240    inSPAration Spa Fragrance Bottles - Type A
AFE350 inSPAration Spa Fragrance Bottles - Type B


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