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IQ Phosphate Tests
IQ Phosphate test kits available for Pool Shops or Mobile Service technicians.

IQ Phosphate Test Kits

Available as a counter display test station for professional pool shops (VETTP7001) & as a compact test kit for the mobile service professional (VETPM7001).

IQ Test Lab Contains: Test tube rack with in built colour comparator; 2 x test tubes, 100 x Pillow reagents.
IQ Test Kit Contains: Test tube; Colour comparison chart; 100 x pillow reagents. Packed in a screw top jar.

Reagent refills available (VETPT7100)

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Code Description
VETPP7001 IQ Phosphate Test Lab
VETPM7001 IQ Phosphate Test Kit
VETPT7100 IQ Phosphate Reagent Refills (100pk)