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Leak Sealer
An advance liquid formulation for sealing minor cracks and leaks in both pipe work and pool surfaces.

Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer

An advanced liquid formulation for sealing minor cracks and leaks in both pipe work and pool surfaces.


  • Seals minor leaks in most swimming pools and spas.
  • Can seal leaks losing up to 3.5cm of water per day (in a 50,000L pool)
  • No need to empty pool or spa.
  • Fast acting - usually stops leaks in 24 hours.

Important Notes:

  • Not suitable for repairing leaks in vinyl liner pools.
  • Larger defects require professional plumbing and pool surface repair.
  • If using automatic pool cleaner remove the cleaner from the pool.
  • Do not allow Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer to pass through the filtration system.
  • Do not exceed recommended dosage rate.


  • 1L


  • 1L treats 50,000L pool water.

What is Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer?

Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer is a compound that has been developed to help seal minor cracks and leaks in swimming pools. A leaking pool is every pool owner's nightmare. Lo-Chlor has developed an east way to plug minor leaks.

How does Leak Sealer Work?

Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer has a very high pH (about 12) so when you add it to your pool it takes on the pH of pool water (between 7.0 - 8.0). It now no longer functions as a liquid and starts to solidify in the presence of oxygen at the site of the leak. To ensure best results, please follow the instructions outline below.

Did you know?

  • Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer is sold in more than 25 countries around the world.
  • Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer is the fastest selling and most popular specialty pool and spa chemical in Spain and France.
  • Lo-Chlor distributes more than 20,000L a year of Leak Sealer to all corners of the globe.


  1. Turn the pool pump OFF. Set the filtration to by-pass or re-circulate to avoid the Leak Sealer passing through the filtration system elements when the pump is running. If by-pass or re-circulate is not available remove filter grids or cartridges from the filter. Leak Sealer will clog the filter system if allowed to pass through it.
  2. If leak location is unkown, add the required volume of Leak Sealer via the skimmer box. Turn the pump off for at least 30 minutes. This allows the Leak Sealer to work slowly through the pipes (this is where 90% of leaks happens, so it makes good sense to allow maximum contact time in this area). If you are sure of the location of the leak, (e.g. around a light or skimmer) pour Leak Sealer directly in the vicinity of the leak.
  3. Where possible, attach a vacuum hose with vacuum head resting at the deepest point in the pool (normally next to the main drain). Leak Sealer is much heavier then water, so it tends to sink to the deepest point in the pool. The positioning of the vacuum head in this region will assure maximum effect of the product when the pump is turned back on.
  4. After 30 minutes have passed, turn the pump ON. Allow the pump to run for at least 8 hours (24 if possible).
  5. The pool should be checked to see if it is still losing water. Minor leaks may benefit from a second application where the leak appears to have slowed but not sealed completely from the initial application. Second application can be made within the next 24 hours.
  6. Replace the filter grids or cartridges after 24 hours and resume normal filtration.


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Code Description
AZL001 Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer 1L