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Sirocco Adult Lifejacket
Sirocco Adult Female Lifejacket
Sirocco Child Lifejacket
Lifejacket - Sirocco
Premium Level 100 jacket.

 Lifejacket - Sirocco

The Sirocco is a premium Level 100 jacket, features neoprene
side panels for a snug fit, no external webbing straps to snag,
a grab handle and crutch strap on the children's versions,
quality buckles & zips.


Please contact us for correct pricing and lead times.


Code Description
VPJSIR10 Jacket Sirocco Child XSml 10-15kg
VPJSIR11 Jacket Sirocco Child Sml 15-25kg
VPJSIR12 Jacket Sirocco Child Med 25-40kg
VPJSIR15 Jacket Sirocco Adult XS-Sml 40-60kg
VPJSIR16 Jacket Sirocco Adult Med 70+kg
VPJSIR17 Jacket Sirocco Adult Lg 70+kg
VPJSIR18 Jacket Sirocco Adult XL-2XL 70+kg
VPJSIR19 Jacket Sirocco Adult 3XL-4XL 70+kg
VPJSIR20 Jacket Sirocco Female Sml 40-60kg
VPJSIR21 Jacket Sirocco Med-Lg 70+kg