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SE3X 12v No Cable
The SE3 series light is truly the classic Pool Light. This design has remained in fashion for over 25 years.

SE3X 12v No Cable

Kits for vinyl lined and fibreglass pools available.
Slotted Rim allows water flow to eliminate stagnant water and to aid cooling.
Choice of Rim colours including Black, Grey, Ivory, White or Taupe.
Interchangeable coloured lenses available in Blue, Green, Red, Magenta and Clear.
Simple installation and one screw mounting for ease of service.
No cable is suuplied with this product.
Suitable for Concrete, Fibreglass and Vinyl lined pools.
Unique electrical connection, so power cable does not intrude into light cavity, eliminating a possible source of water entry.

Product Brochure.

Technical Manual.


600000 Light SE3X 12v No Cable


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