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PC-Pro Pace Clock
The Colorado PC-Pro Pace Clock is designed as multifunctional multi-sport display.

 PC-Pro Pace Clock

The Colorado PC-Pro Pace Clock is designed as multifunctional multi-sport display. It's large 255mm (10”) LED red digits can be adjusted for indoor or outdoor use with 15 light intensity settings. It features 15 Training modes and 16 scoreboard modes when using the CTS System 5 or System 6. This unit is portable with a handle and two legs, it may also be mounted to a wall with the optional Wall Mounting Kit. Multiple clocks can be synchronised for consistency on pool deck.
A wireless PC-Pro Pace Clock is also available.

Pro Pace Clock Training Modes
Simple Pace Clock   Turn Speed Time*
Lap Counter   Breakout Time*
Pace Clock with Cumulative Splits*   Start Reaction & Breakout Time*
Pace Clock with Lap Splits*   Mid-Race Timer*
Relay Exchange Time*   Single Lane Lap Time
Start Reaction Time*     (1, 2, 3, 4 or multiple laps)*

* Requires additional equipment for timing input

Pro Pace Clock Display Modes
Pro Pace Clocks can display the following information from a System 5 or System 6
All Sports   - Time of Day
Swimming   - Lane Times, Event/Heat
Training   - Lane Times
Diving   - Dive Number & Position, Current Round/Current Diver
Water Polo   - Game Clock, Shot Clock, Time Out & Team Scores
Synchro   - Award

Technical Information:
Brand: Colorado
Data Connections: 2 x 4-pin RS-485 & 2 x RS-232
Inputs: 2 x Touchpads, 1 x Relay Platform, 1 x Reset/Breakout, 1 x Start System
Horn: Internal Horn controlled by CTS Timer when connected
Weight: 13.2 kg
Size: 920 mm x 343 mm x 121 mm (L x H x D)
Power: 220 V AC 50Hz
Battery: After overnight charge approx. 6 hours
Wireless: 900 MHz, 8 Channels
Warranty: 1 year

Please contact us for correct pricing and lead times.

Code Description
VPSPL70000 PC-Pro Pace Clock
VPSPL70002 PC-Pro Pace Clock Wireless

VPSPL3015 Tri-Pod
VPSPL70010 Wall Mounting Kit