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Solvent Cement / Primers
Solvent Cement available in Clear, Green and Blue.
Primers available in Clear and Red

Solvent Cement & Primers

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Solvent Cements & Primers are available in the following colours and sizes:


090250 PVC Solvent Glue 250ml Blue
090251 PVC Solvent Glue 250ml Clear
090252 PVC Solvent Press 250ml Green
090500 PVC Solvent Glue 500ml Blue
090501 PVC Solvent Glue 500ml Clear
090502 PVC Solvent Press Green 500ml
090503 PVC Solvent Press Clear 500
0180250 Priming Fluid Red 250ml
0180500 Priming Fluid Red 500ml
0180501 Priming Fluid Clear 500ml