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Spa Power 601
The Davey Spa Power 601 range of controllers couple to a two speed pump and single or variable speed blower with the option to run ozone and a single or variable coloured Davey spa light.

 Spa Power 601

The Davey Spa Power 601 offers good functionality for intermediate spa pools.

Available in 1.5kW, 2.0kW and 3.0kW heater options
10amp or 15amp versions available
Capable of running:
Single speed pump and additional pump/blower OR one two speed pump
A 24hr circulation pump
Davey Spa Power single or variable coloured light
Oval LED touchpad supplied as standard (rectangular available on request)
Optional timeclock models available for setting specific operating times
AMP plug connectors.

Product Brochure.

Technical Manual.


Code Description
245025 SP601AU 2kw 15amp
245026 SP601AU 2kw 15amp W/Time Clock
245201 SP601 Touchpad - Oval
245203 SP601 Overlay - Oval
245202 SP601 Touchpad - Rectangle
245204 SP601 Overlay - Rectangle


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