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Spa Power 800
Popular with Spa pool manufacturers, the SP800 offers additional features over the SP601 model.

 Spa Power 800

The Davey Spa Power 800 controller is designed for intermediate spa pools with additional features over the SP601 model including a fully functional and stylish LCD touchpad.

The SP800 multiphase unit can operate using single phase (220/240V) or three phase (380/415V) power sources - the only requirement is a modification of the factory set dip switch settings by a Davey authorised technician.
The stylish LCD touchpad is multi-lingual and can be set to one of six common languages.
Available in 2.0kW and 3.0kW heater options
Able to run up to THREE spa booster pumps depending on available power supply and customer specific spa pool requirements. This can be a combination of the following:
Single speed pump and additional pump/blower OR one two speed pump
Single speed blower OR additional single speed pump
Variable speed blower
In addition to the above, a 24hr circulation pump and spa ozonator can be installed
Davey Spa Power single or variable coloured lights (x4) or Davey Spa's daisy chain lighting system (up to 60 individual LED's can be installed).
Separate 12V output
Oval LCD touchpad supplied as standard (rectangular available on request)
Timeclock supplied as standard feature.
AMP plug connectors.
Inbuilt temperature sensor
Full functionality from the touchpad including temperature & filteration programming and maintenance reminders etc.

Product Brochure.

Technical Manual.


Code Description
245117 SP800AU 2.0kw 15amp
245119 SP800AU 3.0kw 40amp
245205 SP800 Touchpad - Oval
245207 SP800 Overlay - Oval
245206 SP800 Touchpad - Rectangle
245208 SP800 Overlay - Rectangle

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