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Ultimate Stain Remover
Remove iron, manganese or cobalt staining.
Reformulated & relaunced of the popular Stain Remover No. 1

Lo-Chlor Ultimate Stain Remover

Remove iron, manganese or cobalt staining.

Formerly known as Stain Remover No.1 this revamped stain remover is remover is the number 1 choice for the treatment of iron and/or managanese stains in all pools. It is also ideal for the treatment of osmosis in fibreglass pools.


  • Lo-Chlor Ultimate Stain Remover is used to remove iron, manganese or cobalt staining.
  • It is an excellent black spot treatment for fibreglass pools.
  • It is very easy and economical to use.
  • It may be used in all types of pool finishes.
  • It has no effect on pool water balance.

Additional Tips:

  • Prior to use balance pool water.
  • Ensure cyanuric acid is below 90 p.p.m. TDS is less than 1,200 p.p.m. and pH less than 7.6. Chlorine should be zero for best results.
  • For best results add the product as close as possible to the stained area.
  • DO NOT chlorinate the water for at least 24 hours after use.
  • DO NOT allow contact with coloured marble pool finishes.
    • In this situation, place the product in a sock or stocking attached to the end of a telescopic pole and hold very close to the affected area without actually touching it.
  • Widespread staining is best treated by distributing the product over the pool surface.
  • NEVER add via the skimmer basket or filter.
  • Immediately after treating with Lo-Chlor Ultimate Stain Remover, Lo-Chlor Metal Solution should be added to prevent re-staining.
    • Lo-Chlor Metal Solution should then be added again at regular intervals (to prevent any recurrence of the stains)
    • When used with Lo-Chlor Metal Solution, Filter Aid & Metal Remover aids in the removal of metals such as copper, iron, and manganese that would otherwise cause pool surface staining or water discolouration.


  • 1 Kg

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Code Description
AMU501 Lo-Chlor Ultimate Stain Remover 1Kg