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Why choose LED/CLE instead of Halogen

 Why choose LED/CLE (Ceramic Light Engine) instead of Halogen?


The Ceramic Light Engine is arguably the brightest underwater light on the market and represents an evolutionary leap forward in the development of pool and spa lighting technology. The Ceramic Light Engine consists of high intensity LED's. It is distinguished from other LED lights because the LED's are encased in a ceramic disc which is in turn bonded to a metal heat sink for efficient cooling. The excellent heat dissipation properties of the Ceramic Light Engine enable the LED's to be "run harder" than in more conventional LED lights without overheating thus enabling the LED's to burn far more brightly than in regular LED lights.

One Ceramic Light Engine has a greater light output than a 100 watt halogen, providing a wide spread of light and a beam length of 8-10 metres. This is about four times the light output of some lesser quality brands of LED light, hence, not all LED lights are equal.With the use of this technology you can be confident of exceptional light output and 70,000 hours plus of burn time for the L.E.D. module, which means you will never have to change a globe ever again.

The Ceramic Light Engine has a patented driver card. With this light only drawing 25 watts of power it is four times more efficient than the conventional 100 watt halogen, resulting in large savings in running costs. The average halogen lamp life is approx 1200 hours.

At the 2007 Victorian SPASA awards the Ceramic Light Engine lights won three awards covering "product innovation", "best new decor and design" and "best new control and convenience". These awards demonstrate the success and market acceptance of this revolutionary product.

Backing up the success off the single colour Blue, White & Green CLE LED lights, Spa Electrics have continued to improve and develop the Ceramic Light Engine further and have now released the new Multi-Colour Ceramic Light Engine. This latest innovation, the Multi-Colour Ceramic Light Engine has ten different programs comprising eight fixed colours (blue, warm white, cool white, green, red, magenta, aqua and lime) and two automatic colour changing programs with either three or seven second intervals between changes. Multiple lights are able to be synchronised if they are operated on a single switch.


Important things to consider when choosing a CLE LED light. 


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