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The WN950 is one of the most efficient and brightest LED lights on the market, and is also very compact, protruding only 18mm from the wall for concrete installation and 22mm for fibreglass installation.

Available in Multicolour, Blue and White.


Combining its minimal projection into the pool with a compact diameter of 164mm for concrete or 174mm for fibreglass, the WN950 is a modern and innovative choice for your pool. Using Spa Electrics' multi award winning premium Ceramic Light Engine (CLE) which has an approximate life span of 70,000 hours, you will never have to change a globe again.

Features & Benefits

No cable is supplied with this option. Niche Bowl and Alignment Ring are still included.
The unique detachable plug eliminates the need for the power cable to enter the light housing, which eliminates a possible source of water entry and makes the light easy to install and remove for servicing.
Suitable for Concrete and Fibreglass pools.
Slotted rim allows water circulation behind the light eliminating stagnant water and aiding in cooling.
The clear rim is interchangable with a variety coloured rims including stainless steel.
Light locked into position with bayonet tabs for easy removal and servicing.

Green LED is available upon request.

Product Brochure.

Technical Manual.


WN9X Multicolour
WN9X Blue
WN9X White

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