New Extended Warranty!

The PoolCleaner now has a 3 + 3 year warranty to back up its reputation as the most reliable poolcleaner on the market. Since being introduced to the Australian market by Lincoln in 2007, very few cleaners have had any spare parts replaced after the previous 2 year warranty period expired. This means the cleaners have been reliably in service for up to 6 years. As a result we are extending the warranty to back up the long life experiences currently being enjoyed in the market place. The PoolCleaner has been on the market in the USA and Europe for 12 years, with similar long life experience.

The new warranty is a full 3 years on parts and labour and 3 years pro rata on parts for years 4 to 6, excluding only tyres and hoses. Feedback from several retailers, to whom we have given a briefing on the 3 + 3 warranty, has been extremely positive, and they believe it will translate to increased sales, as well as add further value to what is already a high profit earner for pool shops.

The new 3 + 3 warranty will apply to all cleaners sold from the commencement of 2013. We have stock of 3 + 3 warranty stickers that can be stuck onto outer boxes for retailers with previous packaging, which will highlight the new warranty.

All stock leaving our warehouse from the start of February will show the new warranty on outer packaging and include the new warranty details in the Owner’s Manual. Please contact our sales team for stickers for stock already purchased.