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Aquafresh Performance
Non chlorine shock treatment for pools.


Non chlorine shock treatment for pools. We all know that pools harbour all types of organic material. Bacteria, viruses, algae as well as other organic deposits from leaves, dust, dirt, body oils, fats, urine and other exudates all place a heavy load on sanitisers. Because Lo-Chlor Aquafresh Performance has the ability to oxidise protein and other organic material it actually breaks up organic matter.

Oxidises organic contaminants.
Used regularly – potentiates the effect of Lo-Chlor Aquafresh Sanitiser.
Contains clarifying agent for sparkling clear water

Additional Benefits
Lo-Chlor Aquafresh Performance is composed of Sodium Percarbonate
Sodium Percarbonate has an active oxygen content of 13.5% minimum which is much higher than monopersulphate or perborate compounds.
These compounds have oxygen contents of 4.5% and 10%.
It is for this reason that much less of Lo-Chlor Aquafresh Performance is required to treat a pool.
When dissolved in water Sodium Percarbonate converts to Sodium Carbonate plus
Hydrogen Peroxide - the oxidising component.

Important Notes
Lo-Chlor Aquafresh Performance does not replace a sanitiser.

50gm per 10,000 Litres pool water . Repeat every 2 weeks or as necessary


Code Product
AQF221 Aquafresh Performance 1 kg
AQF225 Aquafresh Performance 5 kg


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