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AquaSpa Instant Filter Klenz
For periodic cleaning of dirty filters helping them maintain efficiency.
Non soak formula - just spray on and hose off.

AquaSpa Filter Klenz

It's a fact that spa water goes cloudy, smells & goes off due to dirty cartridge filters. Regular rinsing with a garden hose might be a good idea, but it's not enough.

AquaSpa Instant Filter Klenz has been specifically designed to be used as part of the regular cleaning routine for all cartridge filters. It quickly removes debris, oils, body fats and oils using a unique "No Soak" formula to minimise down time of your pool, spa or hot tub. For heavy usage AquaSpa Instant Fliter Klenz should be used on a fortnightly basis or more frequently.


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AquaSpa Filter Klenz 500mL