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Cascade Waterfall
The Cascade Waterfalls create a beautiful "raindrop" effect and tranquil, mesmerizing sound to enhance any swimming pool.

Cascade Waterfall

AstralPool Cascade waterfalls are designed to add the perfect finishing touch to any size swimming pool or spa. Simple to install to any new or existing pool, AstralPool waterfalls come in a variety of styles and sizes that can be perfectly cut to fit around any pool shape.

Technical Manual.

Cascade Waterfalls are available in the following sizes:


Code Description
10283 1" Lip Cascade Waterfall - 300mm - Back Entry
10290 1" Lip Cascade Waterfall - 600mm - Back Entry
10291 1" Lip Cascade Waterfall - 900mm - Back Entry
10284 1" Lip Cascade Waterfall - 1200mm - Back Entry
10285 1" Lip Cascade Waterfall - 1800mm - Back Entry
10286 1" Lip Cascade Waterfall - 2400mm - Back Entry

 All sizes also available in bottom entry


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