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Hose Cuffs & Joiners

Hose Cuff & Joiners

All hose cuffs and joiners come packed in an Aussie Gold header card and plastic sleeve for professional pool shop presentation.

1 CJX038 Hose Joiner Blue (Sleeve type) 38 mm

  CJB301 Hose Joiner White (Sleeve type) 38 mm

2 CJX132 Hose Joiner Barfell (Screw type) 32 mm

3 CJX138 Hose Joiner Barfell (Screw type) 38 mm

4 CJX150 Hose Joiner Barfell (Screw type) 38 mm

5 CJB132 Hose Cuff Barfell (leaf hand thread) 32 mm

6 CJB138 Hose Cuff Barfell 38 mm

7 CJB150 Hose Cuff Barfell 50 mm

8 CJP038 Hose Cuff Plasflow (right hand thread) 38 mm

9 CJB179 Elbow Cuff 90 degree 38 mm
This elbow cuff pushes into all vacuum plates and provides a kink-free fit for automatic cleaner hose. It is also suitable for standard vacuum hose. All popular cuffs and joiners are available in single packs or bulk.