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Magna Latch Lockable Side Pull
Magna Latch is the worlds safest swimming pool and safety gate hardware with a complete range to suit all size gates and fences.

Magna Latch Lockable Side Pull

The first Magna Latch ever made has now been redesigned in a key lockable version. As opposed to earlier Side Pull latches, this model incorporates D&D’s patented Lost Motion Technology, a zone of free-play that makes the Magna Latch Top Pull the world’s safest gate latch. Following the tradition of safety, strength and style set by the rest of the Magna Latch range, this lockable model is ideal for use on both metal and wood gates around around homes and gardens. It is also ideal as a latch for swimming pool gates when installed in accordance to regulations.

Spare Key's are available for purchase.

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Code Description
MAG117 Magna Latch Lockable Side Pull