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Magna Latch Top Pull
Magna Latch Top Pull
Magna Latch is the worlds safest swimming pool and safety gate hardware with a complete range to suit all size gates and fences.

 Magna Latch Top Pull

The Top Pull Model is designed especially for swimming pool gates but can be installed on any gate where child safety is important.
It is designed to extend above the height of the fence to keep the release knob out of reach of children, and is also key-lockable for added safety.
Tested to over 400,000 cycles, the Top Pull Model has been independently verified to meet stringent international safety codes, and has also received several prestigious design awards.
It incorporates patented 'Lost Motion Technology' which stops the latch from disengaging due to shaking or moving the gate.
Installation is simple, with vertical and horizontal adjustment of up to 1 7/16" (37mm) allowing for quick and easy alignment on the gate as well as fine-tuning at any time to accommodate for gate sagging or movement over time.

Spare Key's are available for purchase.

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Code Description
MAG101 Magna Latch Top Pull