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Pool Blanket - Customer Fit
ThermoTech UltraDome Bubble Blankets
ThermoTech Foam Pool Blankets

Each blanket is custom made to fit each pool.

POOL BLANKET Custom made to fit pool

ThermoTech UltraDome Bubble Blankets
ThermoTech Foam Pool Blankets
Each blanket is custom made to fit each pool.
The New UltraDome Bubble Blanket with its advanced manufacturing techniques ensures the maximum amounts of tougheners, stabilisers, antioxidants and UV inhibitors are retained within the blanket material itself.  The new UltraDome Bubble is now 37% thicker.
The ThermoTech Foam Thermal  Pool Blanket is manufactured to top-quality closed-cell polyethylene foam. The Blankets are made from 3mm thick, cross linked PE closed cell Polyolefin foam.  The foam consists of 3 layers and is flame-bonded each side to a UV -Stabilised, waterproof, non-toxic and chemical resistant blue woven PE material called Canvacon.  The great advantage of the double-sided blue material casing is that if your Foam Blanket is installed on a symmetrical pool - the blanket can be inverted to significantly extend its lifespan.
All Commercial Pool Blankets come complete with full edge binding and end reinforcing.
A flotation rod, haul cords and unique single-point attachment harness at each end of each blanket.  Wind Skirts are also available.
Daisy ThermoTech Commercial Pool Blankets have up to 8 years pro-rata warranty
  • Blankets are available with or without full edge binding and end reinforcing, cords, flotation rod, single point attachment harness and an attached over cover to protect your investment when on the roller.
  • A floating haul cord is supplied to enable ease of operation.
  • Each Commercial blanket supplied for outdoor pools come with a unique tension tie down system that ensures the reinforced edges of the blanket are pulled tight, minimising the effect of the wind and avoiding the need for clumsy weighted edges. 
  • As a thermal insulator, they retain warmth in a heated pool & reduce heating costs (by 30-40%).
  • Extend the length of the swimming season.
  • Reduces cleaning costs.
  • Reduces condensation in indoor pools.
  • Easy to use.
  • Retain chlorine and reduce chlorine costs.
  • Reduces evaporation - Saves Water 
  • People coming to your pool will stay longer and spend more with you.
  • Colours to choose from are Translucent Blue or Oasis Green

Please contact us for correct pricing and lead times.

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