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Series 1000 Niche Cartridge Filter
Davey's Series 1000 cartridge filters are a low profile design to fit in small and confined spaces.

 Series 1000 Niche Cartridge Filter

Primarily used in spa pool applications they are also great for small swimming pools.

Designed to last, Davey Series 1000 filters are moulded with high strength plastics to withstand the outside elements.
Low profile design.
Suitable for installation under spas or exposed to the elements.
Moulded with an in-built pressure relief valve.
Superior quality filter elements ensure reuse over and over.
Easy to clean with a hose off and a soak.
Low water usage means they are kinder to the environment.


Code Description
102302 Series 1000 50sqft Niche Filter
102303 Series 1000 100sqft Niche Filter
102300 Series 1000 Fiilter Niche
102301 Series 1000 Filter Niche Lid


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