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Serious Fun

Get the party started with S.R.Smith pool play equipment! Pool slides, basketball, volleyball and diving boards all transform a swimming pool into a favourite destination for kids of all ages.
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Pool Slides

Nothing creates a more universally embraced pool experience than a pool slide, and S.R.Smith slides are expertly designed to deliver loads of pure pool entertainment. Manufactured from high-quality corrosion-resistant material, all our slides are engineered for safety with enclosed ladders, easy to grip hand rails and non-slip tread.
helix_nbg.jpg typhoon_nbg.jpg
The heliX offers serious fun all the way around with a 360-degree
flume and patented fountain water feature. Its fully roto-molded
construction provides strength and durability for years to come.

The Typhoon Pool Slide stands 2.2M tall to the top of the handrails,
and is available in sandstone and grey granite colours.
turbo_twister_nbg.jpg rogue_2_nbg.jpg
The TurboTwister gives you waterpark thrills in your own backyard!
Whether it's the rushing water or thrilling dips and curves that you
love, the TurboTwister is packed with tons of great features for the
entire family!
 The new Rogue2 slide has a retro look with a thoroughly
modern flume that makes this slide the new standard
for backyard fun.




Pool Games

Take fun and competition to an aquatic level with our new range of swimming pool basketball and volleyball games. Whether itâs one on one or team play, basketball and volleyball are even more fun when played in the pool.


swim_n_dunk_basketball_dual_post.jpg swim_n_dunk_basketball_rocksolid.jpg swim_n_dunk_basketball_single_post.jpg
Swim N Dunk Basketball Dual Post
The Swim N Dunk Basketball Dual Post
features a vinyl-coated, continuous u-shaped
frame that requires little hardware and
allows for quick assembly.
Swim N' Dunk RockSolid Basketball
The Swim N' Dunk RockSolid Basketball
Game features the patented RockSolid
anchor to eliminate movement against
âthe toughest opponents
Swim N Dunk Basketball Single Post
The Single Post Basketball Game features
a stainless steel post for quick and
simple installation.


Swim N Spike Volleyball
Get in the game with the Swim N Spike Volleyball game. The Swim N Spike Volleyball pool game includes
black, vinyl-coated posts, a competition quality net, water volleyball and needle.

Diving Boards

SR Smith diving boards are designed to deliver serious fun, and at the same time stand up to harsh swimming pool environments and climate. 

odyseey_on_deck.jpg bombora_wbg.jpg mondo_wbg.jpg
Odyssey Jump Board
Designed for new and retrofit applications, the Odyssey jump board is designed to stand up to harsh pool environments.
Bombora Dive Board
The Bombora diving board's sleek appearance and strong construction make
it our best selling model!
Mondo Dive Platform
We know that pools are as unique as the people that own them, so we created this fresh new diving platform shape to bring style to any pool.