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Spa Brom Tabs
For the control of algae and bacteria in spa, pools and hot tubs.

IQ Spa Brom Tablets

650g/kg available Bromine, 280g/kg available chlorine present as Bromochlorodimethylyydantoin

Ideal sanitiser for water greater than 26C, Bromine is not pH dependant.
Acidic pH 4-5.

1 Tablet (15g Tablet) per 1,000 litres
Application rates indicated are to be used as a guide only.

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Code Description
IQSB1001 IQ Spa Brom Tablets - 1 kg 6/ctn
IQSB1002 IQ Spa Brom Tablets - 2 kg 6/ctn
IQSB1010 IQ Spa Brom Tablets - 10 kg Bucket
IQSB1020 IQ Spa Brom Tablets - 20 kg Drum