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Spot Away
For the removal of black spots in fibreglass pools.
Otherwise known as osmosis.

Lo-Chlor Spot-Away

For the removal of black spots in fibreglass poolsFor the removal of black spots in fibreglass pools.
Otherwise known as Osmosis.

Features and Benefits:

  • Will remove most stains from fibreglass pools.
  • Particularly effective treatment for osmosis.
  • Effective in removing stains and deposits caused by calcium, copper and iron.
  • Effective in eliminating what appear as black spots in fibreglass pools.
  • This black spot is ONLY found in fibreglass pools.
  • The black spot we are describing should not be confused with Black Spot Algae.
  • It is a reaction in fibreglass pools which produces a cobalt hydroxide accretion on the fibreglass.
  • This black spot may effectively be removed by the addition of Lo-Chlor Spot-Away.


  • 4 Kg

Dosage and application:

  • 4 Kg treats 50,000L pool.

Additional Tips for the removal of black spot osmosis:

  • Remove chlorine.
  • Add 4Kg of Lo-Chlor Spot-Away and leave overnight or up to 4 days, if necessary.
  • Balance water and superchlorinate.
  • Note this treatment removes the visible black spot but does not stop the osmosis which caused it.
  • The black spots will reappear after 3 - 6 months.
  • When used with Lo-Chlor Spot-Away, Filter Aid & Metal Remover aids in the removal of metals such as copper, iron, and manganese that would otherwise cause pool surface staining or water discolouration.

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Code Description
AMA004 Lo-Chlor Spot-Away 4 Kg