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Summer Care Algaecide
Treatment and prevention of algae problems during hot summer months.
Specially formulated for summer conditions

Lo-Chlor Summer Care Algaecide

Specially formulated for summer conditions

Features & Benefits

  • Treatment and prevention of algae problems during hot summer months
  • Effective over a wide pH range, best results between 7.0 and 7.2
  • The lower pH allows easier cellular penetration
  • Used for eradication and prevention of blue-green, black spot and mustard algae
  • Will prevent occurrences of algae for up to 3 months,
  • Slow release organo copper complex exclusive to Lo-Chlor Algaecides
  • May be used in all types of pool finishes
  • Compatible with all recongnised sanitisers and other pool additives
  • Significant clarifying effect
  • Excellent booster for salt water chlorinators
  • Should NOT be used in pools using lonisers

Remember – always test for phosphates after the addition of a Lo-Chlor Algaecide


  • 1 Litre


  • 1 L treats 50,000 litres pool water

A few tips from the Lo-Chlor Team:

  • Good preparation always makes good sense.
  • Lower pH (approx 7.0 – 7.2) before use
  • Vacuum and backwash filter. Regular brushing recommended.
  • Use in conjunction with Starver® Pool Maintenance for very heavy infestations.
  • After algae have been removed always advise customers to follow up with regular dosing of a Lo-Chlor Long Life Algaecide and Starver® Pool Maintenance to prevent re-occurrence of algae and assist other chemicals to work more effectively

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Code Description
AAS001 Lo-Chlor Summercare Algaecide 1ltr